A Word From Thrive360

CORE360 is an offspring of Thrive360 whose mission is to empower youth with opportunities to thrive in life by providing a solid foundation built upon the four pillars: intellectual, physical, social and spiritual. CORE360’s approach to developing youth holistically is centered around a high-quality health and wellness program that utilizes functional movements at high intensity in a variety of fitness applications. Through these methodologies, CORE360 is able to emphasize whole life improvement which includes but is not limited to nutrition, physical fitness, and community.

CORE360 is the collaborative effort of Thrive360 and the East Texas CrossFit community. CORE360’s programming revolves heavily around the community. We believe youth thrive through healthy relationships, and the environment we are creating fosters and nurtures those relationships between youth and the volunteer (i.e. first responders, local churches, professionals, local politicians, school administrators, etc.).

The environment of our ‘box’ is one that allows us to put both youth and volunteer in a variety of challenging experiences that we relate to everyday life. Using a holistic approach, we transform lives and serve as a bridge in south Longview.

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